Unlock your body’s movement potential!

The Feldenkrais Method

for yoga...for dance...

for all!


Unlike other methods or techniques we do not repeat by rote a set of exercises, nor do we work towards a specific goal or an idealized "correct movement".


We focus on the process of our own learning, discovering ourselves without comparisons or standards.


In Feldenkrais we attempt to use and direct our attention in order to feel our body in a more detailed fashion. Through this process our body/mind can recognize and use the optimal movement for our body in each instance.


Recognizing the fine details, the differences in each movement, makes the usage use of our body easier and more pleasant, consuming less energy, reducing strain in our muscles and bones, improving our balance, strength, and our technique.

Enhanced Awareness for yoga


In Yoga we learn to tune in to our body and our breath.

But what we tune into, is the body image that is already accessible to us.

Can we feel our spine with the same clarity as we feel each individual finger?

Feldenkrais is a method that enhances body awareness, which combined with yoga, can bring new depths of understanding and connection to the self.

Creative Freedom for dance


One of the Merriam-Webster dictionary definitions for freedom is: “the quality or state of being free: as the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action”.


Feldenkrais lessons will clarify and expand movement patterns enabling the dancer to find more choices for his technique and a better understanding for his tool of trade, his body.

The ability to find better and less strenuous movement will offer creative freedom today, but will also provide the means to protect the body from injury, allowing a longer, pain-free, career.

Movement for all!


Better movement is not the privilege of athletes or dancers.


Being able to go safely down the stairs or grab something from the top shelf is the right of every human body.


Yet society dictates that as we get older we are somehow expected to lose these abilities and all is left is coming to terms with it.


Moshe Feldenkrais, amongst others, believed that there is no limit (of age or otherwise) in human potential.


In “Awareness Through Movement” lessons, students can discover the ability they hold within themselves, to change and evolve their movement into pain-free and pleasant action.