"While concentrating and calming down is certainly a part of meditation, it is only half of the story. The other half of the process is clarifying... sensory experience.

Clarifying leads to insight".


Shinzen Young - The Science of Enlightenment

What is meditation?


Inspired from several different disciplines, in atom yoga meditation, we learn both focused attention and open monitoring techniques.


Engaging progressively from contemplation to relaxation and finally meditation we attempt to effortlessly bring the wandering mind into a balanced state of fluidity, alertness and optimal performance.


The meditative mind becomes gradually more adaptive, responsive and free of its patterns and automatisms.


To meditate effectively we conquer the 3 obstacles of fear: sleepiness, over-thinking

and procrastination.


It is the teacher’s responsibility to remove the first two by finding the technique suited

for each individual practitioner. The third can only be overcome by the practitioners


Free Guided Audios


Atom Yoga guided meditation audios are available in the INSIGHT Timer.