atom yoga is a unique blend of Kripalu yoga, Feldenkrais methodology and meditation techniques, aiming at the empowerment of the practitioner by providing useful tools for the daily, busy and highly competitive life in modern times.


Respecting individuality is a key element of atom yoga.

Keeping in mind  the deep skeletal differences, we sense the path to every posture,

using sensation to guide us in alignment instead of vision.


Throughout the practice we cultivate attention.

Attention to the body-mind, the breath, to being present in the moment.


We build our practice from the yogic fundamentals of locks (bandha’s)

and breath (Atmung)  and allow the mind to stay open and inquiring to differentiations,

allowing the body to play.


Our breath, our sensations, become the teacher, setting the rhythm for us to follow.


By following our sensations we stay tuned, safe, modeling the practice to ourselves

and not the self to the practice.


or flying with air yoga...

grounding with atom yoga

Air Yoga is a relatively new form of yoga.

By using a low hanging, hammock-like apparatus to assist us in our asana practice, we can relieve spinal compression.


This practice allows us to work both safely and efficiently.


Newcomers will find support and balance through the hammock's stability,

seasoned yogis will benefit from the extra challenge of working in different planes of gravity.


Air Yoga strengthens our core muscles, shoulders and arms, increases spinal and shoulder flexibility and prevents back strain.


The original concept of Anti-gravity yoga was created by yogi & dancer Christopher Harrison.